I’ve become desperate.

Desperate of what I’m supposed to do and where I’m supposed to go.


Desperate of what I thought I knew and how things should flow.


Desperate to find the right answer regardless of the way.

Desperate to say the right thing, the right phrase, on the right day.


Desperate to no longer sit and wait on an unanswered prayer.


Desperate to deal with what’s in front of me here and there.


Desperate to let go of what I thought I knew and hold fast to sights unknown.

Desperate to right the many ills of my wrongs.


I’m desperate.

I’ve been desperate.

I’ve been lost.

I’ve been searching for an answer at all cost.

I know my season is not in vain,

Nor is my choice.

The choice to seek diligently for the course I am to follow,

The course that leads to victory for a better tomorrow.

A tomorrow that leaned on yesterday to carry it along,

Yesterday that became so shakable you didn’t know it belonged.

Shakable on a foundation that was rooted in good soil.

Rooted in vision, truth and substance.

Truth of a place we come to from time to time.

A time in desperation where you no longer quality.

No longer, as if you ever did.

Your desperation in seeking is an unnecessary act,

For what you seek isn’t hidden

It’s actually where’s it’s at.

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