Must Be True

I can write about anything,
Anything I want.
I can write about a plane, a brain, a nick or knack.
I can make up words and help you understand.
I can stand for individuals rights,
Of women and men.
I can speak the truth and stretch a lie.
I can take something you didn’t think about & to your life apply.
I can go deep in understanding with the heart’s woes and fears.
I can forget about my creativity and say what you want to hear.
I can literally write about anything.
Anything I want.
Like googling a fact, that’s plastered on the internet.
I can make up, create, expound, or conclude.
I say what I think others would do.
A fact is a fact, is a fact like any.
If it’s online, it must be true,
Naïve to believe in worldly views.
I can write for fantasy,
I can write for truth,
I can write, hoping that my words see you.
I can write for joy,
I can write for sorrow,
I can write, believing my words will see tomorrow.
There are so many reasons to jot down a thought in time,
To write what you’re thinking,
To capture a moment.
Shared experienced caught,
To write down what you see and often what’s not.
I can write about anything.
Anything I want.
I write about the one who changed my life,
Brought me out from a drought,
Gave me peace in a storm,
Gave me hope where there was no more.
Gave me love,
Where my heart was scorn,
Embraced me when I thought I was alone,
Gave me plentiful melody and poems.
I choose to write about conquered fears,
Broken causes,
Family ties,
And simple things.
I write about where hearts should gear,
Jesus Christ,
Truth for ears.

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