In a Nutshell…

Triana & her Son

Originally from California, I now reside in Atlanta, GA with my adolescent son Caleb. As a young child, I had a talent for writing with being entered into writing contests yet, I wasn’t the best speller or reader growing up. However, that did not keep me from wanting to express myself through words. I have accepted the call to use my gift of writing to bring glory to the Kingdom of God.

DyingDaily came about as small testimonies posted through social media. The idea of blogging was always on the back of my mind, but I didn’t follow through with it. At the beginning of 2019 during a corporate fast, I believed that the Lord was calling me to start writing again. Something He placed in me, but I put on hold to pursue other things (relationships, career). I committed myself to write once a day. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do even for a lover of writing. I desire to bring readers on a journey of how in my daily life my flesh is crucified, and I put on the new man God has created me to be. My hope is that you can see how God moves within my journey, in turn, allowing you to see how God moves within yours.

“I am #DyingDaily to the ways in myself in which I am used to surviving. There are still moments when the true WORD of God is still a hard pill to swallow. Ultimately, I am learning that I cannot base everything I do on how I feel but rather on if it aligns with the WORD of God. Something the Holy Spirit faithfully helps me with. This is a daily walk of sacrifice. Daily I am learning to trust God, surrender all that I am and receive the way, the truth and the life that God offers through His son Jesus Christ.”