Have you ever been surprised about a fact you didn’t know was there?

One inward foot,

One scar behind your neck,

A crooked finger that shows how you connect.

Some surprises are joyful & others not so much.

Some surprises make you question who you are.

If I didn’t know that, what else don’t I know?

Can everyone see it? Am I the last one to know?

Surprised by a positive,

Surprised by a default,

Surprised that something’s you didn’t notice or were ever taught.

To be grateful for the awareness is such a responsible thing.

But let’s be real to have another realize an other of you, you didn’t know.

Isn’t exactly the happiest thing to hear or definitely show.

To embrace what’s there & receive the surprise is the sanest thing to do.

Give yourself a moment.

Give yourself time.

Because the longer you keep living…



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