A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Sometimes it’s easier in whom you’re speaking too.

Coming to a conclusion that reaches your innermost;

Not always understanding the cost of the rhythms flow.


Having all sides of view but leaning towards one,

Hoping that whatever you believe is the best decision.

Decision for you, for me, for whoever involved.

Hoping that whatever perspective you have, will uphold and not fall.


It can lighten a load;

It can weigh you down.

It can have others preserve you as a clown.

It can bring joy to your heart,

Or burden to your home.

It can confine you to a place; all alone.


You can bounce it off another,

You can hide it away,

You can boastfully project it in what you say.

It can be rejected by some,

Accepted by few,

It can draw labels of what others think of you.


When does it matter, for how long and to whom?

Can it be definite?

A moment?

or a few minutes or two?

Can another share from this point of view?

It only matters if they’re someone that’s close to you.

Perspective can be fact,


It falls on many.

What’s your perspective?

That’s if you have any.

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