Me Inside

When I look inside of me I see confusion.

I see a girl with limited hopes and dreams.

I see a woman who survives.

I see a friend who wants to be heard & be of great help.

I see a person who is not quite herself.

See the reflection in a mirror will only show what’s outside.

It won’t give the perspective of what tries to hide.

The world creates our identities for us;

with not much to say.

The way we grew up, trauma, living our day to day,

Our identity is covered in what others do or say.

Having us live up to who we truly are slips away.

Reacting unconsciously to the things we desire,

Feeling so low as if it’s unthinkable to go higher.

Deeper and deeper our true self gets buried,

Collecting rock, mortar and brick to move along the tarry.

Stuck in a fog that looks like me,

Stuck in a place of false reality.

Curled in a ball as I sink to no end,

I peak out of my knee and I see a hand.

Reaching down to lift me up.

Breathing life into me.

I wake up.

Wake up to the truth,

Wake up to the life,

Wake up to what’s really inside,

 what’s been here all along.

When He looks inside of me He sees a masterpiece.

He sees a daughter with unlimited hopes and dreams.

He sees a woman who thrives.

He sees a friend who it heard & is a great help.

He sees a person who is created to be herself.

He sees Jesus Christ in me,

I’m covered and rebuilt.

No weapon formed against me will prosper,

No good thing withheld.

The hole of my identity;

has finally been filled.

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