Easier Said

Easier said than done.

It’s always easier to say it can be done, when you’re not the one doing it.

Then again, it’s easier to say it can be done when you’re not blocked in getting it done.

Blocked by uncertainty, time or stress.

Blocked by lack of encouragement, harsh memories or mess.

“Everyone has a story,” that’s a cliché.

Everyone has something that keeps them at bay.

Something that grounds one foot in cement.

Impeding your progress and causing lament.

Moving forward but going nowhere.

Believing your toil will get you somewhere.

A direction is just movement, when it’s not aligned in truth.

Doing busywork makes us feel good but Lord, not you.

Our ways are not your ways,

Our thoughts are not your thoughts,

We can speak till we’re blue in the face but that doesn’t clear the air.

Hot air is hot air no matter the length it’s present.

It’ll breathe on discouragement,

It’ll breathe on interpretation,

It’ll blow you right into a place of confusion if you let it.

It’s easier to say,

 Than it is to get it done, That’s why life will show you doing it isn’t for everyone

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