Gotta know the way,
You must know the plan,
You must know what, who, why, and where you are to land.
Gotta have the answers,
You must know the truth,
You must know what’s going on with everyone; including you, each & every day.
Gotta stay afloat,
You have to lead the way,
You have to know precisely the right things to sway.
No excuses for lack,
No excuses for gain,
No excuses that will have anyone believe that you are far from sane.
Gotta this,
Gotta that,
Gotta sure,
Gotta whack,
Gotta make sure that your life is on track.
Gotta you,
Gotta be,
Gotta do everything I see.
Gotta get out,
Gotta loose,
Gotta make sure there’s always something to do.
Gotta want,
Have a need.
Gotta be careful who plants seeds.
Gotta want,
Gotta need.
In truth, I have everything with peace.
Not a care,
Not a lack,
Not a this
Or a that.
Know the way.
Oh so dear.
Know who’s close to hold near.
Gotta know the way,
Man’s heart comes with plans.
“Gotta” goes away when you realize who’s hands, you’re in.
Steps directed fluid in time,
“Gotta” goes away,
When you’re in His time.

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