In All Fairness

Have you ever thought that it just wasn’t fair.

To see how life is going for you without relevance, without care.

Without the balance of right or wrong.

Without the weight of evil or good.

Without being heard or misunderstood.

Have you ever thought that it just wasn’t fair.

Why so sick?

Why so blue?

Why is it easier for others to smile but not you?

Why doesn’t it work out?

What can I do?

I’ve seen too much, heard too much, my thoughts alone are glue.

Glued to a past,

Glued to a pain,

Glued to the impossible,

The unforgiven,

The storm & rains.

Have you ever thought that it just wasn’t fair.

Looking around to see others yet no one’s there.

Verbal communications turn into lack.

It’s as if no one has time to have your back.

We’re busy with this,

We’re focused on that.

A person’s word only goes so far.

As far as mention,

As far as call,

As far as a text that sits unchecked & forgotten.

It’s not fair…

It’s not supposed to be!

Don’t forget the free will you have in who you choose to be.

In the moment.

At the time.

Balanced scales,

Right & wrong.

If you feel like it’s not fair, join the club, write a song.

You can’t look at others in order to belong.

Fair is a reality created by man.

If you look to man to belong…no wonder life isn’t fair.

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