What’s the Rush?

What’s the Rush?
I stare out the window & I see cars pass by.
Going about their way,
With a target in mind.
Some fast,
Some slow,
Some hesitant,
Some on the go.
Going about their way,
To do what’s possible.
I stare out the window & I see a days long.
I see moments that pass by,
I hear the restaurants song.
I think upon what’s next for me?
What’s my next move?
Not just gardening or cleaning,
But what’s next in life to do?
One person says build a network,
Another create a show,
Write a book,
Focus on this,
That’s the way to go.
Yet, deep down we know there’s things that you’re destined for,
Not a this or a that but what comes from the Lord.
I stare out the window as minutes pass by,
Doesn’t mean I’m meant to rush,
For God’s purpose comes in due time.
Take a moment,
Collect your thoughts,
Be productive,
It’ll all align.

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