Throughout the Day

As easy as it comes, it drifts off slowly,

Glimpses that creep up & move along low key.

Missed child away for a season,

Dinner plans that satisfy a cheat day,

Presentations that govern the role you play.

Slipping in,

Drifting out,

Conscience of most things moving about.

To be present in the moment,

To be present in the experience,

Usually overtakes space depending on the cause.

A threat?

A danger?

A memory worth having?

Otherwise it slips by without a notice.

No recollection of who, what but possibly where.

Because of its unimportance the thoughts staying are rare.

As easy as it comes,

It drifts away slowly,

Thoughts fill our day,

Only to depart.

It’s best to stay focused on truths in the heart.

The Helper brings to memory all things near or far.

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