Can you inspire me?

Can you speak with phrases that speak to my mind?

Spinning my imagination across paths and time.

Leading my dreams on a swirl of illusions.

Dancing to a melody that repeats over and over.

Drawing close to whatever is there,

Reveal, uproot, come over and share.

Can you inspire me?

Wrap me in love and sprinkle on lust,

Formed from something as tiny as dust.

Curved in all directions,

Handled with care.



Digging into what’s there.

Can you inspire me?

Lift me up and never let me down.

Playing the good hits,

The good grooves,

The good sound.

Makes me want to twist and turn all the way around.

Can you inspire me?

With the look of desire,

And a touch of caress,

Can the honeydew taste,

Paste the pieces together?

For in parts objects seem but together are unseen.

Can you inspire me?

With an action or phrase,

With the life of your ways,

Is there anything you do that could hold me for days?

Can you inspire me is a question interesting enough?

Enough to pose a question that in answering would be tough.

Can you inspire me?

Can you?

Do you know?

It’s not for the one who inspires to show.

But for the inspiree to form it’s answer and grow.

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