Microwave Ready

My husband likes to say, “If I wanted more patience, I’d been a doctor.” I, on the other hand, have prayed for patience and find it at times gratifying when I’m faced with a situation that allows me to exercise it. Then there are times when I need a situation to be microwave ready. I press a few buttons and boom! In less than 3 minutes I get what I want. Not press a few buttons and in 3 hrs., 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months see results. Lately, I have been encouraged to remain focused and hopeful in my waiting season for what God has for me concerning employment. Romans 8:24 says, “…Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

I find I am most impatient when I feel my circumstances aren’t positively contributing to those around me. It’s not as if I sit in a pity party about it, but it does bother me. I just didn’t expect to lack employment for the time I have. Are my needs being met? Yes. Do I have a great support system? Yes. I must acknowledge that I’m quite blessed and joyful. But, I expected things to be different sooner than later. I wanted a microwave ready blessing. I thought if I pressed a few buttons: update resume/ LinkedIn, create a cover letter, create profiles on hiring sites, apply. Then in return, I get interviews. Not marketing and sale jobs based solely on commission. Not $10 an hour jobs with no benefits.

Getting a job is something I can’t nuke. I must be patient and wait it out. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still look and apply. Doesn’t mean I can’t volunteer in the meantime. Doesn’t mean I can’t do yard work and clean out that closet that has stacks on stacks on who knows what piled on top of each it other. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the time I otherwise wouldn’t be able to spend with my family. It means I need to keep my eye on the Lord, remain hopeful and patient. I’m #DyingDaily to what I thought I knew and the quick gratification I’m used to getting. Working hard does pay off, but it’s not always in the way you expect or when.

I know what I want. I also know that what God has for me, is ultimately what I desire. Being patient is not the most comfortable thing to be, but it’s the most rewarding in allowing God to have His way. Keep praying, keep pressing, keep acknowledging His goodness, don’t get weary because in due time you will reap. In these times it’s best to remember that in being patient with God’s timing you will be nourished with a healthy well-prepared meal and not with nuked food that’s been stripped of its nutrients. Don’t force yourself into receiving little of the grand scheme God has for you. Do I want more patience? Yes. One way of getting it is to exercise it; so that I shall do.

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