Stick Don’t Slide

Raising a little person is no easy task. One thing that I try to instill in my child is honesty. I tell him that honesty out trumps any consequence. So, he has gotten in the habit of telling on himself. I don’t fluff situations up letting him believe that being honest won’t come with repercussions because it does. Yet, depending on what the situation is I may adjust the consequence or not have one at all. Ultimately I want to focus on his character in being honest. If he breaks a glass cup, spills juice on my light carpet or needs help fixing something (like the basketball gadget I built in his room some years back) that mysteriously fell apart he’ll tell all there is to tell.

In a perfect world, my son would tell on himself every time he does something wrong. However, as we all know the world isn’t perfect and raising a little person gives you the real deal Holyfield experience of life. My child will not tell on himself if he eats all his snacks in one sitting (leaving me to find zillions of wraps scattered under the couch) or drinks up the all the juice without asking me if I wanted any. If he misses an assignment at school well, he’s not saying a peep unless I bring it to his attention. Why? Well, he tells me he doesn’t want to get in trouble. This is after my perfected, “Honesty out trumps consequence” speech. So, I do what I can & remember that if I train up a child in the way they should go, they shall not depart (Proverbs 22:6). Will I always get things right in my parenting style? No. Will my son always get things right in being my perfect “telling on himself” bundle of joy? No. Yet, when we’re out & he says thank you to someone with not having me to remind him I hold my head high.

As a parent something’s I do will stick & something’s will slide right off, but that won’t keep me from throwing my shot in life teachings. I’ve realized that we’re both learning. I’m learning how to be a better parent & he’s learning how to be the best person God created Him to be. With that, I extend grace because grace was given to me (Ephesians 4:7).  In being a parent, I’m #DyingDaily to old habits and ineffective parenting styles. Learning that I should only approach my son from a place of love even concerning his discipline. So, I’ll continue to instill in my child that “honesty out trumps consequences.” Praying that it’s one of those things that sticks.

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