Doubt Creeps In

I walked in doubt,

I sang to the world of my belief,

But I secretly walked in doubt.

How could the pieces that I cannot see come together?

How can I come out of this place?

How can I be made more than what I am?

Doubt consumed me.

Creeping into my fears.

It began to join hands with my hope pulling it down to no end.

I can’t see,

I can’t see your will.

I don’t understand your way.

Not matter what I do, or say,

I don’t see you pointing me in the right way.

Am I impatient?

Am I off track?

Is there something I’ve moved into that I should take back?

I walked in doubt,

But I sang praises of my belief.

Hoping that one day,

I’d sing myself into relief.

I looked to the right,

I looked to the left,

I looked at everything in my power do.

I even got on my knees and sought for you.

Then I got up & looked for something to do.

I said if I’m so blind by no direction, I’ll continue on the path.

No adjustments needed,

No stretch of my will.

I realized that I can’t come by what you have,

By holding on to my skill.

I released it to you.

The doubt lifted high,

The praise soared in belief,

There’s no need to stress,

My Heavenly Father is here.

I stepped into knowledge,

A routine accounted for,

Just like that, there became an open door.

I didn’t have to change,

I didn’t have to fight,

For what you placed in front of me, what just right.

My doubt is gone,

No friend of fear,

My joy let go to the hold that bestowed its grip.

Joy fills my heart,

Faith is refreshed,

As the Lord is faithful & greatly to be praised.

Who can know His ways?

Who can know His thoughts?

When you begin to doubt His plan,

Here’s a simple suggestion,


Just stop.

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